‘Iron Maiden’ Chop known affectionately as ‘Maiden’ here was the first bike in the JollyBikeShop Collection and has always been the bike everyone loves when they visit, built by B & H Motorcycles in Cornwall this bike has won many trophies and has even been shown at Bike Shows in Germany. Andrew and Haward from B & H have been creating Custom Bikes for many a year and even they say that ‘Maiden’ is one of their favourite builds, A tribute to Iron Maidens ‘A Matter Of Life and Death’ Album and Tour. Chris originally saw the Bike for the first time at the Plymouth Tattoo Convention in 2010 and although falling in love with it there unfortunately was not in a position to be able to purchase it, roll on 6 years and a lot of hard work in between building the business of the Jollyroger Chris was able to afford this special machine when it became available again. There begins the story of the JollyBikeShop Collection! The Artwork on this Bike is second to none and the skills to create some of the special features such as the Bullets in the frame and the Blades under the tank are simply stunning. If you are coming to visit this is one bike you will want to see for sure!